About me

Somewhere around 1996 or 1997 I had my first experienced with ham radio during the JOTA (Jamboree On The Air). I had switched scoutinggroups and the new group is very active with the JOTA. During JOTA's you can always find my near the transmitter. At first only at the side of a ham operator and later, when also non ham radio amateurs are allowed to make connections when a licensed amateur is present, I was one of the operators making the most connections. The ham radio operators present at the JOTA where of the opinion that my licence was long over due. A long time I had other stuff to do and did not had the time to study. This changed early 2012 and 7th of march 2012 I did the novice and full exam. I did not pass the full exam, just a couple of points short, but I passed my novice exam. Currently I'm enjoying the privileges of a novice on the bands, when I'm bored with it I'll go study for my full exam.